Monday, March 30, 2009

Mithridates VI of Pontus

Who the hell is that? I have no idea.

I have a big Ancient Roman History test tomorrow and I’m just now realizing that I really don’t care who Mr. Mithridates is. I’m suddenly grasping the fact that knowing his name is not going to ever get me a job. Knowing this little tidbit of info is only going to clog up vital space in my shrinking brain.

It’s times like this when I seriously wonder why I’m a history major. It is indeed a mostly “useless” degree. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I’m hoping that I’ll get a job for having a degree… not for having a history degree. I might even go to law school in a couple of years, but it will not be because of what I learned in school. It will because I actually score good on my LSAT and convince myself to go through three more years of school.

But I am now stuck here learning Roman history… That would be okay, but I just don’t want to. Last night I woke up with my left year aching. As the day went on, I lost more and more hearing in that ear. This morning I woke up and had every intention to get my butt in a doctor’s appointment, but my ear popped. It stopped hurting and I breathed a sigh of relief. I just assumed that I would eventually get my hearing back.

About 4:45 both ears, along with the space between my eyes, began to ache. I whined around, without making an appointment. About 5:01 I realized that I should have made an appointment, but it was too late. Now I’m waiting around, enjoying the ringing in my ears.

I’m guess that I probably have something going on with my sinuses. It might be an ear infection or something. Quite ridiculous that a twenty year old would be having this problem, but whatever.

I feel it is probably significant to point out that I do, usually, love history and enjoy my major. I’m just going through a stressful time and would rather study something that didn’t require quite so much studying. Perhaps underwater basketweaving?