Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Hero

Great Grandpa's funeral was yesterday afternoon. It was a beautiful affair that spoke magnitudes for the life he lead. This man touched so many lives in his eighty six years, five months, and two days that he was alive.

He was an airplane pilot who flew supplies over China in World War II. Sixty years later, he drove his mini-van like it was a plane. We giggled at the funeral about his crazy driving, noting that he never once crashed but made almost everyone in the family car sick at some point.

My Great Grandpa was a great man; he loved his family and God with all his heart. He braged about new grandbabies and was always there when someone needed him.

The world is missing an American Hero tonight.

My mom wrote an awful (which really means it just made me cry like a big baby) poem not long ago about Great Grandpa. It expresses love we all felt for him much better than my words ever will.



Grandpa is…

Florida and a yard full of flowers

A white tee shirt for me to sleep in

Cushioned yellow rockers and a warm lap

Vanilla ice cream right before bed

A comforting shoulder to lay my head.

Grandpa is…

Helping us move way up north

A big amazing doll house full of fun

Trips to North Carolina and a cabin in the trees

Big wooden porches all the way around

A good piece of advice- The best to be found.

Grandpa is…

Love for my granny and all his family

A scratch on mom’s table and a midnight confession

Trips to Florida, the cape and Disney World

A trailer park and a compost pile

Love so unconditional- I have to smile.

Grandpa is…

Taking pictures of me, my dog and horse

Tales and stories of Troy, Jeff and Nikki

A brave pilot in the Army Air Corps

Coffee, peanuts and a brown mini van

The greatest I know- This one gentle man.

Grandpa is…

There when I marry, so young and happy

A giant hug weeks later after Pass and Review

Taking Mitch to the barber for a short haircut

Blue stickers, a pass, and salutes on base

Of none am I prouder-That is the case.

Grandpa is…

The one I call to tell the baby news

There when I need him when my heart breaks

Pictures of me in front of funeral flowers

Long talks and comfort in my darkest hour

To help me see better days- He had the power.

Grandpa is…

The first to call when a new one arrives

Fighting with Granny to hold my babies first

Financial help for daycare so I can go to college

Happy when I reach my goal, encouragement when I fall

The rock of our family- The glue that binds us all.

Grandpa is…

Suits, a Bible and a small church

Advice again when I face divorce

Care for my granny when she was fading

Love for the Lord even when he was sad

Happy with Berlene- And for that we are glad.

Grandpa is…

A drive to the panhandle to see my new family

Accepting and gracious to Jim, Clay and Clint

Showing off Jamey with a big grin

Telling others of the grandson he has in the Iraq war

From him we learned patriotism and honor- That is for sure.

Grandpa is…

Pale and weak fighting the cancer

More worried about others then he is about himself

Taps, a flag and a place next to Harvey

Happy in heaven, we know it to be true

Rejoice in the Lord- We will meet him there too.

Written by my mother.