Tuesday, April 14, 2009

In Which I Insert Way Too Many Drug References...

Today is just another one of those studying filled days that are boring as hell. I wonder if I will one day missing spending all day long figuring out statics homework and defining figures from the French Revolution?

... Probably not.

Anyway, Kate over at Chronicles of a Country Girl had a darling little game posted using searches from urban dictionary. I didn't have anything riveting to post today so I figured I'd play along.

1. Your name. Marla

describes someone who can indeed act chill, but loves to dance, as long as it's with the right person, has maybe tried a few drugs in her day, and drinks because she likes the way it tastes. Also avoids drama at all costs while still having a good time.

I didn't realize one could tell so much from just a name. I like to think I act chill sometimes... right? I only like dancing with the right person, or when I'll all alone. I have never tried any kind of drug and I only drink the really nicely flavored stuff- no yucky beer for me.

2. Your age? 20.

Bag of Weed, costs $20.00 dollars and is enough to make 4 fat joints.

location or current status/activity

the number before 21 and after 19. generally used when counting.

I am so glad my blog is getting all these wonderful drug references in it today.

3. What should you be doing? Homework

a punishment given to students by evil teachers after the students have already put in 7 hours of hard labor.

busy work that deprives students of valuable sleep hours.

Homework is a form of suppressing a child's individual interests so that they do not develop any ideas of individual worth and proceed to fill a job that is needed to keep everything functioning properly when he or she is not at school. Like school, people who challenge the idea of homework are seen as stupid because they are unwilling to memorize things that people before them thought or did in an effort to appear "intelligent." In American society, it is vital that one takes a job working under an employer as someone who helps keep the economy and social order functioning as it should rather than developing his or her own indivdual interests and possibly changing the way we look at life.

Whew. I thought I had issues with my homework. I just wish they wouldn't assign so much busy work in some college classes. I don't even want to think back to junior high or high school.

4. Favorite color? Blue

The feeling when u wake up at 7 in the morning and remembering it's a monday

One of the three primary colours of paint. When mixed with yellow, it makes green, and when mixed with red, it makes purple. It is opposite orange on the colour wheel.

a slang word for oxycodone 30 mg or a roxicodone 30 mg

the other flavor of slurpee besides cherry of course

Hot damn. I get another drug reference... Of course, we also threw in slurpees though, so it's all good.

5. Birthplace? Oklahoma.

A state in the south-central U.S. that is bordered by Arkansas to the east, Texas to the south, New Mexico to the west, and Kansas to the North; Considered the southernmost great plains state by some.

The buckle of the bible belt. There are nice people, and jerk-offs. Of course there are hillbillies, but hillbillies are everywhere.. Even in california(even though they deny it).

Oklahoma is one of the only state in America where there are more cows than people. The landscape his flat out west and hilly in the east. The heat is too intense, yet the winters bring cold and snow. The people talk country, breath county, and sing country. The cities are small and so are the so called sky scrapers.

All true and perfectly fine by me. I'd rather have cows then idiot neighbors any day. Plus, where do you think all that food that people in the big cities eat comes from? And country music rocks.

6. Month of your birthday? October.

Very exciting month. Fall takes effect, columbus sailed the ocean blue, and you can give a treat or get your azz tricked all in this month.

Most likely conceived between Christmas and Valentines Day

Eww. I don't want to think about when I was conceived. Too much information.

7. Last person you texted? Colby.

A synonym for 'gangster'.

The Term know as Extremely Sexy and Full of Style.

a guy who is paid to screw a woman. Basically, it's a male prostitute.

Nasty, pasty, yellowish, bacteria filled grade of cheese even less desirable than swiss.

I apparently need to talk about some of these things with Colby. I mean... he's getting paid?!? What's up with that? And why wouldn't you like Swiss cheese?

Oh yeah. And I'm imagining my sweet farmer boyfriend as a gangster- way too fun.

8. One of your nicknames? Dory

A character from the movie "Finding Nemo" with an extremely bad short term memory. She is a bright blue angelfish.

a description of one who posesses qualities of a daft, forgetful, carefree, airy, or dippy quality.

This is seriously what my baby sister has called me since she learned how to talk. I have no idea why she started it, but it's ridiculously cute.

9. What are you doing this weekend? Writing a Term Paper

Excessively long essays assigned at the beginning of a university/college term (or semester) by professors who have nothing better to do but create a mass of work for their students to do and for their T.A.'s to mark. Most term papers are left until the night before they are due by students who have been procrastinating all semester and have realized they now have less than 24 hours to gain anywhere from 25-50% of their overall mark in that class.

This is all totally true... It's not due until next Thursday though, so I'm not really waiting 'till the very last day.

10. Random word: Laugh

A smile having an orgasm.

Perfect way to insert a sexual world into this drug filled post.

Happy Tuesday!