Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Awesome News

I've had awesome news for over a week, but I just realized that I hadn't shared it here.

After a semester of about a million tests and five billion homework assignments, I finished the semester with all A's!

This is actually the third semester that I've had all A's... My first semester I got a B and a C so my GPA is now only a 8.83. Every semester I try to knock up my GPA bit by bit... but that C did some ugly things.

Don't think I'm bragging, because I'm totally not. My grades are very important to me though, and I spend endless hours studying and writing papers. It gives me great satisfaction to know that hard work will always eventually pay off.

And that makes me smile!


~Linds~ said...

Holy Cow! Way to go!!!! All A's! You rock girl!!!!

Makenzie said...

fabulous!! i had all a's first 3 semesters... then i got a job (where i spent most of my time bc it was at a daycare and i LOVED it) and went to a harder school... i kept good grades- but oh man i had a killer c just ruin everything i'd done!! arggghh!!!

way to rock it, girl!!!