Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Awesome News

I've had awesome news for over a week, but I just realized that I hadn't shared it here.

After a semester of about a million tests and five billion homework assignments, I finished the semester with all A's!

This is actually the third semester that I've had all A's... My first semester I got a B and a C so my GPA is now only a 8.83. Every semester I try to knock up my GPA bit by bit... but that C did some ugly things.

Don't think I'm bragging, because I'm totally not. My grades are very important to me though, and I spend endless hours studying and writing papers. It gives me great satisfaction to know that hard work will always eventually pay off.

And that makes me smile!


Anonymous said...

Holy Cow! Way to go!!!! All A's! You rock girl!!!!

Makenzie said...

fabulous!! i had all a's first 3 semesters... then i got a job (where i spent most of my time bc it was at a daycare and i LOVED it) and went to a harder school... i kept good grades- but oh man i had a killer c just ruin everything i'd done!! arggghh!!!

way to rock it, girl!!!