Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Best Thing I've Heard All Day

I just returned from taking my lovely siblings pictures for Prom. Yes, I've already complained about it today, but I really can't resist the urge to whine some more.

It wasn't exactly fun. I've mentioned before that one of my sisters is knocked up. Well, she has a very demanding personality and can be a total pain in the ass. I would feel a bit sorry for her Sperm Donor, but he so dumb and annoying himself that I feel like they are meant to be together.

Today, I'm trying to take pictures of them together. They are all dressed up and the pregnant one (I'll call her S.) refuses to smile. She glares at the Sperm Donor when he gets closer, saying "I don't want to be hugged." There is this huge space between them in all the pictures and she looks increasingly angry in all of them.

Later, we return home and I'm discussing the pictures with my other sister, A. (yes, the one with the empty uterus). We were both annoyed that S. was being such a bitch. Here we are, exchanging complaints when A. says the funniest thing-- "I just wanted to say- let him touch you. I mean, you let him put his uh-huh in your vagina. He had to touch you then."

Oh my. It's times like this I love my life. If that isn't funny, then I don't know what is.