Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cranky Much?

I have a new favorite Website/Blog.

Do you ever get annoyed and feel the overwhelming urge to write a mean note to tell someone off? Can you resist that feeling to tell your roommate off for stealing your food? Do you have sloppy coworkers who trash you office?

Passive Aggressive Notes is a blog that displays notes that are usually written in a rage by upset people. The post notes from a wide rang of situation and some of them are just dang funny.

I mean, this one would make me quit stealing my roommates mouthwash. For sure.
The next one gets a very serious point across:
Moral of the story: Don't crap all over the bathroom.

Seriously, go over a check out this blog. It is worth it. I guarantee you will laugh A LOT.

Have a good day and try not to write any passive aggressive notes.


Jenn Hendrickson said...

I love that site, too! Its one of my favorites and one that I check EVERY day. Some of the other ones I like are

The one has some pretty cool sets if photos. I think he's taking a week or so off this week, but check out what he has posted in the past. ...pretty cool photos in some of them.

Makenzie said...

i do love that site!