Thursday, May 7, 2009

How many bites to a center of a watermelon?!?

Hi guys.

I've only got one more final left and my room is almost completely packed. I just have to do a little bit of cleaning and study for an easy, blow-off final I have tomorrow.

The world is suddenly looking much brighter. In twenty-four hours I'll be home with my sweetie! Yes, we'll probably be riding on the tractor until three AM, but that's better than hanging out here by myself.

Anyway, let's get on to this weeks Thursday Thunks. Hurry on over there and participate. It's quite fun.

1. Why the heck did you come back this week to do this meme?
Because there is only so much complaining one can do about school before they become totally boring. And I don't want to get to that point.

2. Ever whiten your teeth?
No. I should though. I don't drink soda or coffee ever, so my teeth is generally pretty white.

3. Do you drive the speed limit?
I'm always within about five miles of it.

4. Did the dog eat your homework?
No, my dog attacks shadows instead. (I'm totally going to have to get pictures of that for the blog soon. I'll work on it.) He's pretty much the funnest thing ever.

5. How many bites does it take to get to the center of a watermelon?
Like a bunch. What a weird question?

6. Did you eat paint chips as a child?
No. Did you?!?

7. If someone rang your doorbell/knocked on your door at 1am, would you answer it?
Not here in the big city. I would just assume it was a drunk and refuse to answer. At home, I would totally send my Dad or Colby to answer it.

8. "Amazingly Smooth" makes you think of what?
My freshly shaven legs. Haha.

9. What was the last stupid thing someone said to you? (not counting this meme's questions)
... "I can't hang out with you tonight, but don't think it's because of some big thing. I'm just having this thing with my new roommate." Was that supposed to make me feel better?!?

10. Would you eat a stick of butter for $100?
Not alone. Maybe with some crackers.

11. Find the nearest fabric tab, not counting your clothing you are wearing. What does it say the object is made of and where was it made?

There is seriously no clothes in this room with me. I would get up and look, but I've made twelve trips up and down the stairs today. My legs are tired.

12. What is the strangest name you've ever heard someone name their child (or a person you met... however you want to answer it)?
Bob Geldof and Paula Yates named their daughters Fifi Trixiell, Little Pixie, and Peaches Honeyblossom. Of course, these are celebrity baby names... Weirdos.

13. Why is some toilet paper really soft and others are really hard?
Because some packages cost $45 dollars and others are $0.25. You get what you pay for.


Carey said...

I love your price range on toilet paper... too true, though! I played too. Come check out my answers, HERE!

Mishel said...

haha that's so cute that your dog chases shadows. My border collie does that too!!

Happy Thursday. Good luck with your easy final =D