Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Just call me crazy...

I was mean to my boyfriend yesterday. Not just a little mean either- I was insane woman acting totally irrational.

Looking back on it, I want to claim it wall all because of stress. Things have been really hectic around here. I'm in the process of moving and my apartment is a mess. I just found out my younger sister is knocked up. Plus, it's finals week and I'm totally obsessed with maintaining perfect grades.

But I'm not the only one under pressure...

Colby is currently planting corn. This time of year he works eighteen hours a day, seven days a week. Yesterday, he had two irrigation wells break in a matter of hours and had to drive forty five miles to pick out a giant load of seed. Plus, the dang fertilizer guys weren't there on time and put him behind on planting.

(Right now I'm totally marveling over the fact that I knew all of that. Six months ago I knew very little about farming... Now I can act like a total pro... or at least appear to know what I'm talking about.)

Yesterday, I was feeling weepy and lonely. I was missing my Grandma and feeling bad for my Grandpa, knowing he's having difficulties right now. I just plain felt sorry for myself.

Colby is a real gem. We are currently six hours away from each other and he does a very good job of keeping me constantly informed with what's going on in his life. We text and talk to each other around the clock.

Yesterday, I was feeling utterly alone in the world and Colby was busy. He didn't text me for a whole four hours *gasp.* I know... It was totally ridiculous, but I started to act like he was somehow mistreating me by having his own life.

These thoughts are going through my head and I'm thinking "why am I doing this? This is stupid," but I just kept it up. He snapped at me once, informing me that he was really busy and would call me in a couple of hours. I cried. Like a spoiled brat.

I still feel sorry about it... I've apologized about twelve million times today, but I'm afraid that my dear Honey Bear might forever think I'm a crazed manic.

Furthermore, I'm a little worried about it myself. I'm not ready for the straight jacket just yet.


Makenzie said...

you make me laugh ;-) ...

and we all have days like that. hope today is better!!!!

good luck as you finish up this week!! :)

Aileigh said...

We all have those days... Thankfully, the people that love us forgive us for acting that way. I know I have had my fair share of moments like that! :) Hang in there! All will be well.. promise!

Anonymous said...

I've been there, done that! Just remember that everyone has days like that, you're only human..under a lot of stress!

Good luck with the rest of your week! Let me know if you sign up for PostCrossing! I'll send you a postcard just for the fun of it so that you have one from Kansas {said with my best FAKE country accent!}