Saturday, May 9, 2009

Oh. The Joys of Moving.

I'm home! Finals are over, I drove all day long, and I finally made it back to where I belong. Of course, I feel like doing a little happy dance.

This is what my car looked like yesterday, except everything was inside of it. I seriously could not have fit one more bag or box into the thing. It was exciting.

And by exciting, I mean I couldn't see through the rear view mirror.

I stayed on the tractor with Colby until 2 AM last night. It was actually pretty fun. Did you know corn seed looks like unpopped pink popcorn? It does.

I took pictures and I'll be posting them tomorrow.

Take care guys.


Makenzie said...

funny photo!! haha

The Grown Up Teenager said...

Bahaha, pink popcorn. He's using stuff with chem, that Colby is. I know it. ;)