Saturday, May 16, 2009

Prom Hell

My parents ran off to the lake for the weekend and left me to take care of my three high school aged siblings. This is prom weekend. (Insert scary music indicating the hell I'm going through tonight.) I think I would rather be beat or ran over with a giant truck then be held responsible for everything that is going on around here today.

My dad has been a bit angry with the pregnant sister lately and didn't want to deal with her stupid Sperm Donor hanging around our house all day today. That's understandable... but why the hell did they think I would want to deal with him? I get the overwhelming urge to puke whenever I see either one of them. Neither one of them even has a car right now, and I'm pretty much responsible for driving them around all night.

I'm also in charge of gathering flowers, taking pictures, and making sure that the two pies I slaved over last night make it to the banquet. Doesn't this all sound like so much fun?

My other sister, the one with an empty uterus, has a boyfriend that lives two hours away. He's coming to be her Prom date, so I'm also responsible for making sure that her uterus stays empty. Actually, I'm not at all worried about this, but he is taking over my living quarters for the night.

After I graduated, my sisters each got their own rooms and took over mine. For the two years since, I've had to sleep on the couch or in the Camper every time I come home. Our camper is three years old and rarely used, so that isn't really that big of an issue. It's a bit annoying to be kicked out of my "room" for the night though.

One of my high school friends is coming over tonight and I think we might just celebrate him turning 21. I feel the urge to blow off some built up steam I've been holding in for several weeks. I'm not one who parties generally, but I might just make an exception tonight.

I hope you all have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

I hope you did party it off! I know that it's not usually like you to party hard but you deserve to let your hair down and have a good time. Life is pretty rough right now.