Friday, May 1, 2009


Dear Friends,

I decided that I probably need to vent... And this is my blog, so I'm going to assume the right to say whatever I want here.


Suppose a girl, who's about twenty years old, has an eighteen year-old sister. This sister has always been a pain in the ass. She was loud and annoying from birth, but the older sister always stood up for her. She stuck by her side because that's what older sisters do… that’s what family does.

This younger sister was never as good at school as her older sister. It wasn't that she was lazy; she just didn't understand why she needed an education.

Suppose the younger sister has always had a strange obsession with babies. From about twelve on, she went out of her way to make friends with the girls at school who had become pregnant. She would happily walk around town with them, pushing a stroller, imagining herself as a mother.

This younger sister doesn't appear to realize that having a baby isn’t all fun and games. She doesn't think about the poverty these young parents are experiencing. She doesn’t comprehend sleepless nights or think about the fact that babies colic, even when their parents have a big math test scheduled for the next day.

What should an older sister do when she finds out that her younger sister is pregnant? Not only that, but the girl actually tired to get pregnant- before marriage, before graduation, before she could make anything over minimum wage.

Because this older sister- she doesn’t want to be supportive.

I want to yell and complain. I want to shake her until she realizes what she has done. I mad… I’m the older sister. I’m the one who’s supposed to have babies first.

My parents are raising their own six children. They shouldn’t have to come up with money to support her’s. My parents aren’t going to be able to proudly stand up in church and announce that they’re going to be grandparents for the first time. Instead, they have to deal with the shame that comes with unwed, teenage pregnancy.

All because my sister wants to have a baby.

I can’t imagine what would make a person so selfish.


Makenzie said...

dang. that is some family drama!

i wish i had better advice.

but in regards to ^that post- i think you should express your feelings to your sister- but also be there when she needs you- maybe not be an enabler- but pray for her.

you have 4 other siblings- right? give them the advice you wish you would have given your sister. boys or girls- they should recognize YOU as their role model. i just started reading your blog- but you are smart- determined- honest- and hard working... everything they should aspire to!

best of luck!! :)