Thursday, June 11, 2009

"But Dad..."

Last night, Jamey got in trouble from our dad for eating in his bedroom. She had been watching television and had made the mistake of leaving her plate laying on his floor.

"Jamey, did I tell you yesterday that you are not allowed to eat out of the kitchen?" My dad was obviously annoyed.


Jamey got totally serious and said, "But Dad, you don't know about my memory." She went on, "I forget everything when I go to sleep at night. Everything Dad."

I didn't pay attention to the lecture or threats that came out of my father's mouth. I was too busy trying to hold in my giggles.

Jamey is utterly and totally hilarious. I can't imagine the trouble she's going to cause as a teenager.


Makenzie said...

i always got in trouble for that too, jamey!! i wish i had that excuse though. i once left a cereal bowl ring on our nice living room coffee table.... whoops!!

my mom always complained we had two ghosts in our house: 'i dont know' and 'wasnt me' caused so much trouble around our house when we were kids ;-)

Momma Sunshine said...

It's funny - you can see the teen years coming a mile away with some kids....

Hit 40 said...

I just pick things up. Just not worth yelling about. They will have their own place at 18! I plan to kick their ass out to clean up their own pee and dishes. Or, sit and wallow in their mess if they decide.

kilax said...

That is a good excuse! I may have to try that one on my husband. Probably not as cute coming from a 24-year old though!