Friday, June 5, 2009

Exhausted, Overworked, and Busy.

I have been running in overdrive for the past week.

Between working and trying to spend time with Colby, I have absolutely no free time. (Did I talk about this in my last entry? Yes, I think I did.)

On Wednesday I traveled to my new college to work on getting transferred. After about three hours of walking around in circles, I think I might have gotten it all figured out. It was rough. I did not realize that transferring was like adopting a child or running for president.

Believe me- it is.

I did get to tour the apartment where I will probably live next year. It has a much better setup and larger rooms than my last apartment. Even better, it's cheaper.

Colby finished corn planting. We are now gearing up for wheat harvest. I visit him in the field almost everyday after work. Sometimes I bring him dinner and ride around with him for a while.

It actually is a lot like this song... except I'm never dressed up these days. I'm wear old stained up work shirts and muddy boots all the time.

I'm going to work on updating more regularly now... Seriously. This once a week stuff is ridiculous.


The Grown Up Teenager said...

I SEE JOHN DEERE. Oh that makes me swoon more than a sports car ever will. God, I'm such a country kid. And I love it.

Hope the transfer thing works out for you. I'm still waiting to hear from mine. They mailed me the other day (small envelope, not good, my heart sank) but it turned out that they needed my birthdate again. Heart attack central. Good luck with yours! :)

Makenzie said...

too cute!!
i dream of cozying up on a tractor through the fields eating some dinner with my man!!

love it, girl!