Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Meet Dreamer

My new camera got in today. I'm amazingly excited about it too. It takes really good pictures and I'm enjoying playing around with it so far.

ps Jake & Dreamer 021

Jake would like to introduce you to his friend, Dreamer.

ps Jake & Dreamer 006

Jake and Dreamer have a unfortunate relationship. He likes to follow her around and she likes to kick at them.

ps Jake & Dreamer 026

She sure is pretty though...

ps Jake & Dreamer 007

What do you think?

ps Jake & Dreamer 010

Jake sometimes just stares her down. It's totally a Border Collie thing. They get obsessive over the weirdest things.

ps Jake & Dreamer 047

But you gotta admit, he's sure handsome.

P.S.- Can you tell I live in the desert from the background of these pictures? Everything that isn't watered is depressingly brown.


kilax said...

Wow! The photos look great. That reminds me that I want to take horseback riding lessons this summer...

Makenzie said...

oooh i could just rub that beautiful nose!!!

bernthis said...

Honest to God, I'm not sure which one is more beautiful.