Sunday, June 7, 2009

Meet J. Turtle

Our little town had their annual Santa Fe Trail Days this weekend. One of the events normally includes a "turtle race" for the kiddies.

Jamey had been asking me and Colby for days to bring her a turtle.

She is a very persistent little girl. Colby melts every time she asks him for anything.

Fortunately, I saw one on Friday when I was driving through the country. I brought him home where Jamey was free to play (torment) the poor animal all weekend.

jamey&turtle copy
She had a delightful time and ended up naming him J. Turtle.

The "turtle races" ended up being canceled because Jamey was the only kid in the entire county to have one to race, but she brought him home to play anyway.

Jake had a lot of fun playing with him too.

jake&turtle3 copy

You could tell that he was totally freaked out by J. Turtle.


I just knew he Jake's nose was going to get bit... but it never happened.

But that would have been very funny, in a mean way.


We all had a blast with our new friend, but we let him go this morning. He needs to be free to crawl through the grass, eat bug or grass or whatever it is turtles eat, and meet that special girl that is out there for him.


Makenzie said...

she is darling!!!! im sure everyone melts at that face!!

fab pictures too!!