Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wheat Harvest

I have once again had a very busy week. I've been spending all my extra time out in a wheat field, taking pictures and riding on the combine with Colby.

Wheat Harvest

I won't deny it. I've been having a great time. At sunset, I'm always amazed be the beauty around me. I get to see this every single day. How lucky am I?

Wheat Harvest

I've learned more about farming in the last seven months then I had in the last twenty years of living in the country. It's crazy what happens between the time wheat is planted and the time it is made into bread. Crazy.

Wheat Harvest

The combine goes along the ground, sucking and cutting the stalks. Once inside the head is separated from the stalk. The good stuff goes into the combine and the rest is kick out on the ground. You can then gather all the straw up and bail it.

It's pretty much like a giant, complicated lawn mower. That used a lot of gas and cuts really fast.

Wheat Harvest

Things can get pretty complicated with three combines going at the same time. They have to dump off the wheat before they make an entire trip around the circles. A grain cart, pulled by a tractor, is driven around to unload the combines.

When the grain cart is full, it drives over and dumps the grain onto a semi-truck where it is driven to town.


Once again, it wows me by how beautiful the sunsets are out there.

I'm so very blessed.


Anonymous said...

You are truly blessed girl!
Can I come and live with you ? LOL

The Grown Up Teenager said...

Haha, I have never heard someone refer to a combine as a complicated lawn mower before. That amused me.

Those beasts are fun for me though. Especially when guys see a girl hop down from them. Mwuahahah. I got the power, baby.

Glad you're enjoying harvest.

Makenzie said...