Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wordpress or Blogger?!?

I'm trying to decide whether to move over to wordpress. I want more control of my blog and blogger just isn't doing it for me.

One problem: I can't seem to figure out to get all my subscriptions transferred over. I'm not even sure that wordpress has an easy way to follow your friends. Well, I haven't found it yet anyway.

Help me people! Please.

What do you think I should do. I have imported my blog into a cute little wordpress account and it looks so good! I'm excited about the switch, but I really need to be able to follow all of my favorite blogs.


Tauni said...

Do a blog roll on the side. I have been really happy with wordpress. You have a lot of control over your blog and who can and cannot see it. The only thing I hate is that there are not a lot of really cute free designs for wordpress.