Wednesday, July 8, 2009



This is Blizzard, one of the many wild cats that live in our yard.

She has a very unique story. In late December of 2006, an incredible snowstorm hit our area. For two days, snow fell from the sky, covering the land. The wind howled, causing huge snowdrifts to develop in our yard. It was so bad that we lost electricity for three days and had to crawl over a drift to leave our house.

The storm was devastating to our area. Thousands of cattle waded into snowdrifts and suffocated. Many families were without food or heat for days.

I personally about killed my three younger sisters. We fought over several card games while waiting out the storm. Eventually, the wind stopped blowing, the power lines were repaired, and life started to go back to normal.

We had to deal with giant snow piles for days. There was one drift blocking our front door. After twelve days, my dad heard a loud meowing outside our house. It sounded like it was coming from inside the drift! He hurriedly dug, finding a dog house beneath the pile of snow.

Inside the dog house was a scrawny kitten who looked terrible. She just kept crying and crying, obviously unhappy. Being trapped inside a snowdrift for twelve days sent her over the edge.

She still walks around meowing. She always looks panicked and will not let anyone get close to her. She has some serious mental scares from the entire ordeal.

But that's why we call her Blizzard.


Vodka Mom said...


that is a sweet story. POOR CAT!!!!

Makenzie said...

you southerners cant handle the snow, eh??

just kidding- sounds like it was an awful experience!! i was freaking out when out power went out in an ice storm for 3 hours... i was in an apt across town and like alittle wimp ran home to my parents! yep, i am lame!

kilax said...

Poor Blizzard. I am happy you took her in!