Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Is This Normal?

I spent most of Saturday afternoon riding around with Colby fetching water for his cows. The windmill is broken and they were getting thirsty in the summer heat.


I didn't really mind because I got to spend lots of time with my favorite man. Plus, it's way far out in the country and I like to pretend I'm traveling in a covered wagon.

(Just don't take me away from my Sirius radio. I have certain needs and those include crystal clear music while cruising down bumpy roads.)


I encountered one small problem though. One steer got a little mouthy with me. Does he look a little grumpy to you?


I mean, you would think he would appreciate me and cut out the attitude.

Oh wait. I don't think anyone appreciates me.

Never mind about that last part.


Makenzie said...

those pictures are pretty funny!! and you are very much appreciated!! even by 'strangers'! ;-)

Erica said...

thanks for stopping by my page! and i love the cows! LOL