Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jake, Wanna Go For a Ride?

At the mention of the word, go, Jake immediately perks up. He get an intense look in his eye, the one that all Border Collies get over something. He absolutely loves going on car rides and quietly rides in the back, looking out the window the entire time.


Last weekend, I took him and Jamey to pick up Colby from the field. Believe me, he rides so much better than her. She is constantly singing, yelling, or making wild animal noises. He sits calmly and watches as the countryside passes by.

Yes, I can drive.

It is so obvious that he loves riding in the car. In the picture above, we were sitting, waiting for Colby to get off the combine. The vehicle doesn't even have to be moving and Jake will be smiling away.

I hope life is treating you all well.


Spruce Hill said...

So Cute! My Sadie does not like to ride only chase :)

Country Girl said...

And she has a border collie?!! Named Jake.