Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Look! No Training Wheels!

Jamey gets her sense of grace from me, which means she has none. She's a clumsy little kid, exactly how I was at her age.

Wait, I'm still clumsy, but that's not the point.

She recently decided to ride her bike without training wheels. Since she is seven, we all encouraged her.



At first, Jamey insisted that she needed safety gear, "Dad, I need knee pads and a helmet."

My dad, being the old-school country man that he is, was not that worried about safety: "No, you don't. That's what's wrong with kids these days. A little scrape won't hurt you."

Remember, Jamey is my father's sixth child. It's safe to say that he is a very relaxed parent.


My dad set about teaching Jamey to ride her bike. He helped her to get her balance and pushed her off. She was soon doing amazing, only have a few problems turning.





Of course, as soon as we thought she had it mastered, Jamey crashed and burned. One scraped elbow and a deep cut on the knee resulted in an evening trip to the emergency room.

I should have taken my camera inside to document the experience, but lets be honest- who wants to see an eighty-year old doctor give a screaming child several stitches? Not me. I would actually like to forget that part of the evening.

Yes, we will be buying safety equipment soon- one really gnarly scare is enough for my dad.


The Grown Up Teenager said...

Murphy's law. If she had had padding on, she wouldn't have fallen. But because she didn't, she fell.

Baby's first stitches? Stick it in the book! I've had lots in my day. ;)

The pictures of her riding are great though.

Makenzie said...

those are fabulous!!!! haha- wind in her hair- free as a bird!!