Monday, July 13, 2009

Snowstorm of 2006

Several days ago, I posted about our cat Blizzard. Dear, sweet Kenzie taunted me a little bit about us Southerners not being able to handle the snow, so I'm here to prove that it was a serious snow storm. (Plus, what else do I have to talk about on a Monday? Nothing.)

The following pictures are probably going to suck. I took them in 2006 with my crappy point and shoot. I then got a new computer and don't want to search through old picture CD's to find the original copies. These might have been copied and pasted straight off facebook, but I wound never admit to being such a bad blogger. Hang in there though, I'll go back to high quality combine pictures tomorrow.

During the 2006 Snowstorm

This picture was taken during the storm. For some reason, I thought it would be cool to capture memories while the snow was still coming down and the wind was blowing. I was right; I froze my booty off.

This storm was never expected to be bad. It was supposed to drop a couple of inches and move on. It actually stopped right over the Oklahoma Panhandle and dumped several feet of snow all on one area.


I decided to venture out again the next day. We had animals to take care of. We ended up having to melt snow to water our dogs, cats, and horses. This picture shows how big the snow drifts actually ended up being. The bare spot on the ground is where a car was parked in our drive way.

Food Shed

This is our food shed, where we store feed for the horses and dogs. It is about nine foot tall. Notice the fact that this drift goes up over it. We did have ten feet of snow everywhere, but there were places where it really piled up.

No fun.

After four days of being stuck in a house with no electricity, we decided to travel to town to check out the damage there. We live in the middle of nowhere, but tons of people travel through. Hundreds of truckers were camped out around town and most were stuck for several days after the roads were opened.

They tried to get out, but there is only so much you can do about a huge snowdrift like this one.

Beer Run

Luckily, some of the local gas stations opened in shifts on the fourth day. They didn't have electricity, but everything was good and cold inside of the store. They calculated prices the old fashioned way and took cash only.

These truckers don't look that happy about me take a picture of them with their purchases. I don't remember them being upset at the time, but I might have been totally clueless.

Brrr... These pictures make me appreciate the fact that it is summer a little big more.

Take care.


Makenzie said...

whoa!! thanks for the pictures!!! that is crazy!!!!!!! god bless you girl, i hope to never go through a storm like that!!!!