Monday, August 24, 2009


This is my 100th post! How crazy is that?!?

I'm pretty much amazed myself.

In celebration, I decided to post a few (or maybe ten) facts about myself. Get ready to be blown away (or fall asleep).

1.) I start school tomorrow. I'm transferring and really looking forward to it.

2.) I'm a political science major. That means I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to do after I graduate, but I do know that I'm studying what makes me happy.

3.) I'm in love with a farmer- totally in love. We've been dating 8 1/2 months. It's bliss.

4.) This is what I looked like last weekend:


5.) Brad Paisley and Taylor Swift are my two favorite country singers, but I'll always have a thing for George Straight.

6.) I know how to ride a horse, but I'm not really into it. My family has had horses as long as I can remember though.

7.) I'm not a morning person. Nope. I'm not always a night person either.

8.) I'm addicted to farm town on facebook, but I realize that it is nothing like real life farming. It's way cheaper and easier. They don't have hail storms or droughts on farm town.

9.) I love Mexican food and can make some delicious enchiladas.

10.) I'm a big fan of little kids and babies, but am in no hurry to have my own.

11.) I thought about coming up with 100 things, but I seriously couldn't think of anymore.

Have a Happy Monday and come back soon!


Makenzie said...

i love it all!!! happy 100 :)