Friday, August 28, 2009

Child of the Corn

My baby sister is a bit crazy. Heck, she's loopy, wild, and very enthusiastic about life.

Honestly, she can be quite a handful. But I love her so dang much.


A couple of weeks ago, she started 2nd grade. To my parent's dismay, she came home with a note from the teacher last night that said- "Jamey has been creating room noise- nothing too bad particularly, but I would appreciate if you talked to her about it."

Personally, I laughed. What does that even mean? (This is just one of the reasons why I'm not quite ready for kids.)

She was lectured repeatedly by my parents, of course.


I'm glad she has a vivid personality myself. She is smart as whip and does good on her homework. Sometimes she can just be a little excitable.

I mean, one little trip to a corn field and she's asking me if "we can build a house in the middle of a big corn filed and live there forever." How silly is that? She's already has it all imagined out and knows it would be a total blast.


Of course, I now know that I'll never need to take her to another movie again. She has SO much more fun just running around in corn fields.