Saturday, August 29, 2009

Jaycee Dugard


I cannot imagine being abducted and held for eighteen years in a backyard. I cannot imagine being repeatedly raped and giving birth to my first child at 13. I cannot imagine the pain and suffering that Jaycee Dugard went through.

I cannot imagine how patrol officers could have overlooked the fact that Jaycee and her two children were locked in that ramshackle backyard.

I cannot imagine the pain her mother felt for eighteen years while her little girl was missing. I cannot imagine how her step-father dealt with being blamed for her disappearance.

I cannot imagine how a man could be so evil and commit such act. I cannot imagine how a wife could stand by and watch such horrendous child abuse.

I cannot imagine how Jaycee and her children will be able to reenter society. I cannot imagine how the outside world must look to their eyes.

I cannot imagine her mother's absolute joy at realizing she would be reunited with her child.

I just cannot imagine...


Makenzie said...

i am very interested in how the rest of this plays out- particularly the meeting with her family and what it is going to be like for her kids... so, so weird! i cannot imagine either