Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My First Day

Transferring had me really nervous. Seriously.

I woke up at 5 AM yesterday to drive 136 miles to my new campus in time for my first class at 9 and I didn't get back home until 10:30 last night... It was a very long, exhausting day.

(I would like to point out that I'm not planning on driving everyday. I'm just doing it now to say money. I was going to have to pay $400 for August rent and only live there a week, so I decided to wait until September 1 to move in.)

Amazingly, I found all my new classes easily and was helped by some very friendly people. I felt very at home there, surrounded by rowdy Texans. At my new school, it's actually normal to wear cowboy boots around. How cool is that? Plus, I heard people talk about "working on the farm" and "mares." I absolutely feel at home. These are my people.

I had been planning on having an easy semester, but apparently I forgot about that idea while making my schedule. I'm in 17 hours of hard classes- Spanish, Speech, The Judicial Process, International Law, and History of the U.S., 1914-1945. The history class does it for me, but I'm not really feeling the other ones so far.

Purchasing my books has been dreadful as always. One day I'm going to start a rebellion against campus books stores. Seriously, $800 in books is ridiculous. I feel like the life is getting sucked out of me every time I try to buy books. Too. Dang. Expensive.

Overall, I'm excited to be back in class and expanding my brain. I think it was starting to get rusty. I'll have more to report later. I've got to leave to make the drive again in a couple of hours.

I hope you all have a great day.

P.S.- I found it weird that this post had no picture, so I decided to post one of Jamey from her first day of school:


Doesn't she look totally excited?


The Grown Up Teenager said...

You're in school already?! Dude, what the hell? We don't start til the 14th, I've still got over 2 weeks til school. School in August ought to be illegal.

I'm glad you like the new school though. And even more glad that people wear cowboy boots. They're my peeps too, just for that. :)

Makenzie said... !!!! it saved my life on the book scene!!