Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pikes Peak

It's time for more vacation pictures!

(Yes, I know- big deal, I've been posting them for an entire week, but I took about a million and it takes a while to reveal all of those.)

We visited Pikes Peak while in Colorado Springs. It is the most visited mountain in North America and provides fabulous views of the Springs area.


We drove up a nineteen mile long highway to the top of the peak. I'm not going to lie, I was a little nauseous on the way up. Most parts had absolutely no guard rail and it would have been a long fall down!


The mountain was purchased in 1803 through the Louisiana Purchase. President Jefferson dispatched Zebulon Montgomery Pike to determine the Louisiana Purchase's southwestern borders. Pike set out to climb the peak on November 24. 1806 from the Pueblo area, but was forced back by a blizzard.


Dr. Edwin James, doctor, botanist and historian, and two others from an expedition led by Major Stephen H. Long on July 14, 1820 were the first ever recorded people to make it to the top. Major Long gave the doctor's name to the mountain, but Pikes Peak soon became the official name, as shown by military maps of 1835.


The views were absolutely amazing. I cannot imagine climbing to the top on foot, by about 15,000 people try every year!

I'm crazy, but not stupid! Plus, I just ate cold pizza for breakfast. I'm not exactly the best example of a healthy mountain climber.


It was rainy the entire time we were in Colorado, so the views from the top were a little foggy and we were seriously hanging out in the clouds. It was pretty awesome but also a bit cold at 48 degrees at the top.


There was even snow in some places in JULY!


I didn't get any cool pictures from the top because of the fog, but I did get some awesome pictures from the valley located about 3/4 of the way up. This is higher than the tree line, but before you reach the summit... so gorgeous!


I met this guy in the gift shop at the top. Isn't he cute?

Well, cute probably isn't the word... maybe silly?