Friday, September 11, 2009

8 Years


I was in my seventh grade art class when I first heard about the September 11 attacks. Our teacher quickly ushered us into the library where we stood in silence as a plane flew into the second tower. I cried, realizing for the first time that it wasn't an accident.

I watched in disbelief as the towers fell- dumbfounded and confused. I honestly didn't think it was real. I was 1717 miles from the World Trade Centers, I'd never visited New York, and knew no one involved, yet I suddenly felt like I'd lost thousands of friends.

I think it was a turning point of my youth. I suddenly realized that the world can be a mean place and not everyone loves Americans. My innocence was shattered on that day.

My heart still aches for the families that lost loved ones on that day. I cannot imagine the pain and suffering they go through every single day. We will never forget you.

At the same time, I want to recognize the brave heroes that fight oversees so we don't have to. I thank God for the firemen and policemen who risk their lives every single day to help others. Individuals such as these make our country the amazing place it is.

God Bless America.


Makenzie said...

touching post :)

--i havent started gone with the wind yet- that sucker is HUGE! - I started a series that i need to finish- one book and about 2 chapters left of that and then i am onto gwtw!

Marla said...

Beautiful post - beautiful picture.